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PCL Online is SEO dedicated company, is a pioneer in SEO, web promotion affordable SEO service and top ranking solutions. Our expert SEO Professionals assure you Top 5 position in Google. With years of experience and constant search engine knowledge and skill up gradation, we ensure that your business gets its deserving online presence. In today’s world, if you are not in Google top 5, then your business for sure needs a bailout!!. It is definitely missing something.

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With over 20 years experience with software, we can offer you the ideal package to suit your needs and those of your customers. Even our simplest websites offer the automatic update facility to keep your home page buzzing with business.

Busy, working websites with plenty of traffic and frequently changing content will attract the search engines and customers too. With Working Pages tools you can update your website with no knowledge of website construction or design.

We never underestimate the value of real support – all our websites come with printed documentation and a guide to the internet. And real people to answer emails or the phone.

Data warehousing, automated reconciliation – PCL specializes in multi-user Windows-based and browser-based software for the corporate and business markets.

Suppliers of quality software to some of the world’s largest banks for over 20 years, PCL has an excellent track record in providing innovative and secure software.

Our ground-breaking solutions have helped many businesses improve their bottom-line by cost-savings, time-savings and improved efficiency like ADF furniture business got their furniture sales up by 2 times.  Student City has boomed to top of the page with the “cancun spring break packages” keyword and many more.

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Search Engine Optimization

Also known as Organic search engine optimization. It means maximizing the web pages to be read and indexed by most search engines. This process involves optimizing the content of your website for Googlebot (Google’s robot/spider that visits your website). Other search Engines have spiders like Yahoo Slurp, Python URLLIB, Phantom, Nutch, WebCore, Exabo and so on. These spiders read the content and carry the same to its respective search engine. In Google, you can see it in the form of Cache below each individual search result.

We ensure your website does not have any hidden text, dead links, etc. Well, there are other web page testing techniques that ensure uniformity and consistency in website layout on different browsers, platforms, resolutions and monitors. Many web designers make this elementary error. Also, for database/e-commerce sites major portion of the web page content is displayed on run-time. This involves a lot of scripting. The more the scripting, higher are the chances of the bugs on the site. Google warns its surfers about harmful sites. It is very important to avoid coding errors on your website as Google and can identify and stop visitors from viewing your website, by displaying a warning (on its search results).